Ruts DC

Z-Bau – Haus für Gegenwartskultur (Roter Salon)
Frankenstr. 200
90461 Nürnberg

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Event organiser: GkF - Gesellschaft für kulturelle Freiräume mbH, Frankenstraße 200, 90461 Nürnberg, Deutschland

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Einlass ab 16 Jahren nur mit gültigem Ausweisdokument.
Ein entsprechender Nachweis ist am Einlass unaufgefordert vorzuzeigen.

Begleitpersonen von Besucher_innen mit Vermerk B im Behindertenausweis haben kostenlosen Eintritt im Z-Bau. Es reicht also, wenn ihr gemeinsam ein Ticket kauft. (Zeigt am Einlass bitte den Nachweis vor.)
Falls ihr mit einer Begleitperson oder im Rollstuhl kommt, meldet euch bitte unbedingt vorher bei uns. So können wir euch einen besseren Platz sichern.
Schreibt uns entweder eine E-Mail an oder ruft an unter 0911 4334 920.
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The Ruts D.C were formed in 1981 by the rhythm section and guitarist of The Ruts. The Ruts had had three whirlwind years of success and much critical acclaim.
The Ruts were without doubt the best of the original punks who dubbed it up. When tragedy struck and the band split it wasn’t long before the booming rhythm section of Dave Ruffy and John’Segs’Jennings came forward with The Ruts DC (DC from the Latin De Capo meaning’ from the beginning’) their strong early roots reggae and dub influences coming to the fore. The resulting Dub album “Rhythm Collision Vol. 1” was recorded with the then relatively unknown dub specialist Mad Professor and is still in demand.
Both Ruffy and Segs , who have been described as Europe’s Sly and Robbie (no small boast considering their playing skills are matched by their far ranging production skills!)have since had wide and varied careers both in live bands and in the studio. On 16th July 2007 the Ruts reformed for the first time in 27 years for a one off benefit for Paul Fox the original guitarist following his diagnosis with lung cancer. Henry Rollins took over vocal duties and they were supported by The Damned, Misty In Roots, UK Subs ,Tom Robinson, John Otway and more. This was described as ”the best punk gig of all time” by The Times and proved the rhythm section as strong as ever and will remain in London gig legend forever.


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